Whisper 32

Whisper 32

Whisper 32 1.16 is a program to manage passwords in Windows
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Shaun Ivory

Whisper 32 1.16 is a program to manage passwords in Windows. This simple program allows you to enter your login name and password for every site, storing them in a single file. You can password protect the generated list to ensure nobody would be able to steal your password list. While entering the passwords information, you can use Whisper´s built-in password generator to create new passwords. You can define which characters can be used, and how many characters you will need. You can define the expiration date of each password. That will force you to change new passwords at a given interval, for security reasons. The program will relief you from the task of remembering your passwords and type them each time you enter a site. You can read the password list and copy and paste the needed information using the clipboard. Through View/Options/Properties you can define several settings for the program, such as automatic backup for the list, default expiration period and screen and printer settings.

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  • It´s a simple program to maintain a list of passwords


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